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hunter johnson

Imperative vs Declarative

You often hear these terms tossed around when talking about software. React is often touted as being declarative, but what does this mean?


Imperative is the natural way that humans tend to think about things. Sequentially handling state to reach a predetermined goal/outcome. Let’s imagine a personal chef catering to a customer. The personal chef must:

For those of you that find code more mentally stimulating, let’s take a look at a button that turns grey with a loading indicator on click and green on completion:

if (btn.isLoading()) {
  if (btn.isComplete()) {


This abstracts away the explicit steps and asks that you declare “the UI should look like this”. It is safe to assume that React can handle your requests. This allows you to describe how you want your application to look in a specific state. Continuing with our chef analogy, since a chef knows how to cook chicken we can just ask for chicken parm. We are not required to outline every step of the process. This reduces the surface area of your code and helps reduce bugs.

if (btn.isLoading) {
  return <LoadingBtn />;
} else {
  return <CompleteBtn />;