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  • Tuning Preonic Keyboard

    I had a $5 reward from Drop which gave me an excuse to purchase the preonic keyboard kit. A popular keyboard that can be configured in a 5*12 ortholinear grid. This post details my pursuit of the "perfect" keyboard sound/feel based on my preferences.
  • Reduce Function Explained

    The reduce function iterates through an array executing the provided callback function once for each item in the array. Resulting to a single output value. The callbackFn above receives four values (accumulator, current, index, sourceArray) but often you only need the first two (accumulator, current).
  • Imperative vs Declarative

    You often hear these terms tossed around when talking about software. React is often touted as being declarative, but what does this mean? Imperative Imperative is the natural way that humans tend to think about things.